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We take the pain out of developing automated trading systems! Use our data management platform to access real-time cryptocurrency data in a unified API.


Monitor the exchanges and data you care about in a single UI. Never be left in the dark by an outage again!


Write algorithms not ETL jobs. Our unified streaming and REST APIs allow you to access the data you need, when you need it.


Use our libraries to automate your trading strategies. We focus on the mechanics of trade execution so you can focus on strategy.

We collect hyper-scale data in milliseconds:

test Exchanges
test Total data points (millions)
test Orderbook points (millions)
test OHLCV Points

Our platform powers innovative services:

Having a clean source of data allows us to develop innovative products and deliver them to you as a service.


Steam real-time data from multiple exchanges with only one high throughput connection using Secure WebSockets or AWS Kinesis. Available over the internet, or private connection.


View exchange status updates in a single view. Subscribe to updates programatically or through Email/SMS for easy integration into your trading workflow.


Power sophisticated backtesting with the ability to execute queries across our whole dataset using industry standard analytics tools. Download the data, or query-at-rest instantly.


See trades in real-time combined with history for advanced trading capabilities. Whether you need a single-pane QuantOps monitoring solution or to generate reports for auditors and accountants, we’ve got you covered.


We’re a global team with proven industry experience. Get to know us!


William Turner

Distributed Systems Architect Prior to conceiving of Simplicify, I cut my teeth at Edgecast Networks (sold to Verizon) in Santa Monica, administering and orchestrating 30k+ servers. Later at Disney, I developed a framework that migrated 20+PB of data from the Disney Vault onto new storage media. The process took 6 months, but saved many hours of labor. I like building systems that scale horizontally and globally and that always keep the human element at the center of the technology.


Jacob Lundbeck Serup

Statistical mastermind Formerly Hedge Fund Manager for one of the largest Quantitative hedge funds in Scandinavia, I recently have been Assistant Professor at the Department of Statistics and Applied Probability at UC Santa Barbara. I also sat on the advisory board of Milo Sensors, a technology start-up based in California. Whether at work, in research or on the tennis court, I constantly try to improve.

Ali Razeghi

Ali Razeghi

Data whisperer I decided to enter the workforce in 1999 as a Y2K consultant shortly before getting my first MS SQL 7.0 certificate and entering the world of data. More recently I have built and designed data systems which can scale, built up teams in major enterprises, and helped start ups with major data issues to reach their potential. Data alone is useless but using analytics we can turn that into real human knowledge.

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